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About Slovenska Bistrica

The region between the Pohorje mountains and the Haloze hills, which we present here, extends to the territory of the Municipality of Slovenska Bistrica.


Slovenska Bistrica is a great place to learn about history, while it can also serve as a starting point for getting acquainted with the municipality stretching from Pohorje all the way to the hillsides of Dravinjske gorice. The rich and interesting cultural heritage of this area tells countless stories about the creativity of its people, their activities, progress, and the events that have shaped the cultural landscape of this region through time. Numerous archaeological findings are evidence that this area was settled very early. The landscape is dotted with still preserved castles and mansions, along with numerous churches and other religious sites.  Many cultural monuments from more recent periods have been preserved as well, while ethnographic sites and numerous permanent collections tell stories about the work and life of the people of this area. The municipality of Slovenska Bistrica, hence, offers an immense collection of diverse and lively stories …


Basic information

Slovenska Bistrica is one of the largest municipalities in Slovenia in terms of its size. It is ranked at sixteenth place in terms of its surface area, and twelfth when population is concerned

Size: 260 km²
Number of inhabitants: 25.265    

The area is under the influance of the sub-continental and moderate climates of central Slovenia, which transforms into the sub-Alpine climate towards the west. Here we have the area of humid, moderate warm climate with rainfall minima in the winter months. The variability of climatic elements is the result of relief and different altitudes.


Razvojno informacijski center Slovenska Bistrica

TIC Slovenska Bistrica Trg svobode 17
2310 Slovenska Bistrica
Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 16:00
Saturday9:00 - 13:00


Welcome! The landscape combines five natural areas: the Polskava valley, the Ložnica valley, Pohorje and the Dravinja valley, and, of course, Bistrica city area. The environment is extremely diverse, unobstructed and economically interesting; There is variety of convenient tourist facilities.

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