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Črno jezero lake on Pohorje

Črno jezero on Pohorje was created artificially more than 130 years ago by a dam. Count Windischgraetz, once the owner of a considerable part of Pohorje forests, had the dam built at the end of a hollow to accumulate the waters of the črnava stream needed for bringing wood into the valley. Today it is a natural monument and it forms a natural reserve together with its surroundings and the typical wetland fauna. There is a new wooden trail leading from Osankarica to the lake.It is an excellent place for a variety of birds.


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Welcome! The landscape combines five natural areas: the Polskava valley, the Ložnica valley, Pohorje and the Dravinja valley, and, of course, Bistrica city area. The environment is extremely diverse, unobstructed and economically interesting; There is variety of convenient tourist facilities.

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