Hotel Jakec***

Hotel Jakec***

Hotel Jakec

Planina pod Šumikom 5, 2316 Zg. Ložnica

T: 02/803-45-06
F: 02/803-45-07

Hotel Jakec can be found at the point where Mariborsko and Zreško Pohorje meet, just 16 km from Slovenska Bistrica. The surroundings of Trije Kralji, with the wonderful Church of the Epiphany in the immediate vicinity, offers unlimited possibilities for walks and hikes and visits to numerous cultural and natural sights. 

In the restaurant you will be pampered with typical Pohorje dishes, from venison goulash with bread dumplings, Pohorje mushroom soup with buckwheat mush to homemade bilberry strudel and the famous Pohorje omelette.