Apartment Vintgar

Accommodation - Apartment Vintgar is placed at the bank of the Bistrica creek, approximate 2km away from the Slovenska Bistrica town.  The city Slovenska Bistrica lies at the highway Maribor – Ljubljana at the crossroad between Maribor, Celje and Ptuj. 

The accommodation - Apartment Vintgar lies at the valley end of the Bistrica creek with several waterfalls and rapids.  Vintgar valley is a geomorphological nature park.  Here you will found different stones and minerals, as well as Tonalit, Eklogit, Granit, Marble (Roman quarry) and many other.  Vintgar valley is a tourist educational footpath and it lies under "Nature 2000"   protection.

Apartma Vintgar

Silvestra Krajnc, Zgornja Bistrica 211, 2310 Slovenska Bistrica
T: 041/441-236
F: 02/818-00-13
E: silvestra.krajnc@gmail.com
W: http://www.vintgar.eu